Taking the Repairs Industry to the Future

The automobile maintenance industry needs innovation, and needs it fast. Whether looking at production, retail, or repairs, the industry has to enter the 21st century if it is to keep the attention of investors and the public. More than ever before, tech companies play a crucial role in bringing about this change and ensuring the […]

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Enterprise Estonia gives you wings

For the past few months, Trumpauto has had the great pleasure and honour to be taking part in Enterprise Estonia’s mentor programme, where entrepreneurs regularly meet with experts from various sectors and get the chance to expand their business knowledge, for their own and their company’s benefit. Our CEO Kenno Kink has been representing Trumpauto […]

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Technical Inspections and Trumpauto

Technical inspections are something that all car owners deal with regularly. Their importance is pretty obvious—a technically unsound car can be incredibly dangerous. Yet, getting your car inspected is often an arduous, annoying operation. It’s easy to forget the approaching due date and actually getting to the workshop can mess with your daily routine. Thankfully, […]

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Servicing in the 21st Century—Hybrids and Electrics

A few weeks ago, we discussed some of the changes the automobile industry is going through, when we talked about the rapid move towards online sales pioneered by companies like Tesla and Volvo. Yet, arguably even bigger changes are happening to the cars themselves, with the increasing production of hybrid and electric vehicles overtaking the […]

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Sleep—the Most Underrated Superhero

Sleep tends to be one of those things we all know is really important, but still take for granted, stealing time for everything else at its expense. Whether it’s working late into the night, waking up early to beat the morning rush hour or simply your mind running amok just as you’ve finally found a […]

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Spearheading the Automotive Industry through the Cloud(s)

American technology company Tekion, founded in 2016 by former Tesla CIO Jay Vijayan, has been making headlines this year with their innovative cloud solutions to age old problems of the automotive industry. Tekion have created the first American cloud-native retail operating platform with an emphasis on connecting the three key stakeholders of the automotive industry […]

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CRM software – the 21st century way to increase revenue

Everyone’s heard the saying “customer is king” – but how many businesses in an industry so dominated by mechanics and labour, such as the automobile repairs one, really take the time to focus on ensuring the best quality of customer service? At the same time, low customer satisfaction directly leads to low income. That is […]

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