Servicing in the 21st Century—Hybrids and Electrics

A few weeks ago, we discussed some of the changes the automobile industry is going through, when we talked about the rapid move towards online sales pioneered by companies like Tesla and Volvo. Yet, arguably even bigger changes are happening to the cars themselves, with the increasing production of hybrid and electric vehicles overtaking the age old diesel and petrol machines. As the majority of cars are becoming electric, workshops will need to adapt, too, to ensure a stable client base for the future.

Last year, the UK government announced that by 2035, the sale of petrol, diesel, and indeed hybrid cars will be banned, and only fully electric vehicles will be available to buyers. Although still in talks about a specific date, the EU is planning to do the same by 2025—just four years from now. This means that workshops servicing electric cars, which up until now could boast niche value and draw in regulars who couldn’t access other workshops, will have to become the norm. Simply put, not servicing electric cars is quickly becoming a bad business choice.

But transforming your workshop to accommodate electric vehicles requires a bit more planning and work than just hiring an electrician and putting up a sign out front. Electric vehicles require specialist equipment, which most workshops currently do not have. For example, things as basic as the lifting equipment might need to be changed, as electric cars usually weigh 20-30% more than their petrol counterparts, due to the extra weight of the batteries. Furthermore, many countries require workshops to obtain special licensing and authorization before they can legally service electric vehicles, as the work really can be very different and more complex, requiring expert knowledge. While this can sound stressful, planning ahead to slowly begin accommodating the needs of electric vehicles is the best decision any workshop owner or manager can make today. No change happens overnight, and looking towards the future and working to bring it closer to the present is one of the keys to successful business, no matter the industry.

Of course, together with the physical aspects of servicing EVs, the software and systems that befits these modern, almost futuristic developments should be kept in mind, too, to offer clients the most competent and seamless service. Our Trumpauto software works to connect your business operations and customers just as efficiently whether you’re working with petrol and diesel, hybrid, or electric cars, and our systems can be modified over time to suit the changing needs of your workshop and your clientele. And as our software takes away the stress from daily operations, every employee and manager can direct their energy towards building a prosperous electric future.

If you think your workshop could benefit from state-of-the-art software to underwrite your innovation, let us know at or by signing up for a free trial today!

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