Internal combustion engines stay but we will have e-fuels

Are we going to be driving on e-fuels after 2035 in EU? What are e-fuels?
At the beginning of November, we wrote in Trumpauto blog, based on the news mediated by ERR, that the sale of new vehicles with internal combustion engines should end in Europe from 2035. Are there new winds blowing now!?

What happened to the initial information that internal combustion engines seem to disappear from the EU market completely? 

First, at the level of the European Union (EU), it was agreed that new cars running on fossil fuels, i.e. gasoline and diesel, may no longer be sold after 2035.  Technology neutrality is a completely different and in this case, a game changing matter – it is a rule that the EU can set goals, for example to achieve carbon neutrality, but it does not have the competence to ban technologies. If the requirement of CO2 neutrality is met, then the internal combustion engine can be used just as well as a technology. A strong supporter of this direction is, for example, Germany, which has an automobile industry with a long tradition.

Therefore, it can be said that vehicles with internal combustion engines, as such, are not subject to a separate ban.

Secondly, what is ‘e-fuel?’

According to an article mediated by ERR on 31st of March 2023, e-fuels are those fuels whose production takes the same amount of CO2 from the atmosphere as is released into it during production. In other words, exhaust gases come out of their mufflers, but the same amount has already been removed from the atmosphere.

What does all this mean for a repair shop in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania?

The most important thing is probably the knowledge that if the production and sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines continues beyond 2035, the engine repair and maintenance segment will not disappear in the form that was initially feared. Also, the spare parts business will not change so drastically. The fuel in the engine changes, but the working principle remains the same.

In the light of constantly changing world and legislative landscape, Trumpauto team can recommend one thing – to coordinate your present business and plan your future, regardless of what fuel the cars drive to your workshop, you should still use smart workshop software!

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