The All-Inclusive Treatment from Stal Ltd

Today we want to tell you about another one of our outstanding clients, this time STAL Ltd from South Estonia. Stal offers various car repair services to passenger vehicles and vans, from tyre changes to electric works. Additionally, Stal carries out glass and minor body works. The high quality of work that Stal provides to […]

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The Transportation Administration and Trumpauto: keeping everything under control

A few weeks back we wrote about our collaboration with the Estonian Transportation Administration (ETA) and how it allows all workshops to access information about their clients’ vehicles’ upcoming inspection needs quickly and easily. Today, we want to introduce ETA a bit more closely and see why cooperation between a software firm and a government […]

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Enterprise Estonia gives you wings

For the past few months, Trumpauto has had the great pleasure and honour to be taking part in Enterprise Estonia’s mentor programme, where entrepreneurs regularly meet with experts from various sectors and get the chance to expand their business knowledge, for their own and their company’s benefit. Our CEO Kenno Kink has been representing Trumpauto […]

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Servicing in the 21st Century—Hybrids and Electrics

A few weeks ago, we discussed some of the changes the automobile industry is going through, when we talked about the rapid move towards online sales pioneered by companies like Tesla and Volvo. Yet, arguably even bigger changes are happening to the cars themselves, with the increasing production of hybrid and electric vehicles overtaking the […]

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Merit Software—the Trumpauto partner in all things finance

Today, we want to talk about Merit Software, the leading accounting and payroll software firm in Estonia. Trumpauto has been partnered with them since 2019, meaning our clients can enjoy the benefits of simple, seamless integration between their workshop operational and financial information through Merit Aktiva—the designated Merit accounting software. Merit Software was founded in […]

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The Crazy 2020 and the Hopeful 2021 – a Startup View

Last week we talked about the past and new year for Trumpauto – a period of rapid change, but also growth. Today, we want to discuss what happened in the startup world more generally in this eventful, compelling year and what might be in store for the current one. As the world was forced into […]

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Spearheading the Automotive Industry through the Cloud(s)

American technology company Tekion, founded in 2016 by former Tesla CIO Jay Vijayan, has been making headlines this year with their innovative cloud solutions to age old problems of the automotive industry. Tekion have created the first American cloud-native retail operating platform with an emphasis on connecting the three key stakeholders of the automotive industry […]

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