Estonian Startup Awards 2020—and what’s to come in 2021

Last week, on 24 February, Estonia celebrated its 103rd Independence Day. Therefore, it seems fitting to pay tribute to some of the great entrepreneurial minds of Estonia who have helped the tiny country to achieve international prestige as a startup hub of the world. And what better way to do that than take a look at the Estonian Startup Awards 2020 ceremony in January, and see what the winners and nominees suggest for the current year.

The awards were given out in 9 categories celebrating the big names, newcomers, men and women founders, and more. Some of the biggest winners included personal growth learning system Mindvalley, the leading education platform in the world headquartered in Tallinn, and Woola, the company replacing ubiquitous bubble wrap with packaging made from otherwise wasted wool. Other important victories went to the Pipedrive founders—the masterminds behind Estonia’s fifth unicorn—and Veriff, the global identity verification service, which won the B2B and SaaS category.

In fact, the increasingly popular and relevant sector of software-as-a-service was named as the Startup Sector of the Year 2020, thanks to the skyrocketing numbers of successful SaaS providers and their huge potential for 2021 (and onwards!). As a SaaS provider ourselves, we at Trumpauto couldn’t agree more that the role of software as a service will only continue to grow in the near future, for both individuals and businesses. If you read our article about Trumpauto 2021 plans, you’ll know that with our SaaS we are planning to bring even more innovation and growth into the automobile maintenance industry this year.

The other important sector highlighted for 2021 is greentech, with startups such as Woola, Roofit.Solar (producer of high-tech solar building materials), Skeleton Technologies (leading ultracapacitator developer), and Single.Earth (world’s first forest-based financial instrument) all earning awards or nominations in various categories. This year, it’s down time the business world realizes economic success cannot happen without sustainability, and we agree—Trumpauto is committed to building environmentally conscious solutions through our software.

Overall, the Estonian Startup Awards demonstrated once again the diversity, quality, and importance of the Estonian startup scene and its people. We congratulate all of the winners and nominees and feel even more motivated to keep bringing the best new solutions to our industry in the midst of such an inspiring crowd.

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