New Year, New Plans – the Past, Present, and Future of Trumpauto

Now that the seemingly endless 2020 is over and the big number in the calendar has a bright new 1 at the end, it’s time to look back at some of our accomplishments and achievements from the past year, and shed a light on the exciting new developments we’re working on in the hopeful year of 2021!

Thanks to our software that provides online solutions and makes working from any distance simpler, 2020 offered Trumpauto a number of opportunities to grow our business and spread our service around Estonia and the Baltics, helping workshops handle the abrupt changes to their work. At the end of 2019, some 30 workshops were actively using the Trumpauto SaaS in their daily operations – today, the number has more than doubled to 80. Geographically, we started 2020 operating solely in our base in Estonia, while today we have clients in Estonia, Latvia, and Tajikistan.

In terms of our plans, while at the end of 2019 Trumpauto was focused almost solely on enhancing workshops’ internal operations and workflow, in 2020 we began to work more on the end customer side of things. Today, our software provides seamless integration for everything within and without the workshop. 2020 also saw us take the next step in our business to start providing services to car washes, and 2021 will see the beginning of working with tire tyre change shops and basic maintenance workshops.

Last year, we signed two big joint agreements with our new partners Bosch Car Service and the official Shell representative Jungent, to develop and enhance the automobile repairs field in the Baltics and beyond. Our cooperation with these industry giants will allow for even more and quicker innovation in our work, and improving the sector for the better, for good.

In 2021, we are most excited to learn more and develop a deep understanding of the business software world more generally, to bring our knowledge to car repairs and thoroughly innovate the industry with the best service. We will keep building our software, tweaking its functions to perfection and always staying on the lookout for new ideas and opportunities to best suit our clients. We have started preparations to boldly enter the wider Baltic, Polish, and Finnish markets and this year will see us take big steps to achieve that.

2020 was an unprecedented year for everyone. For Trumpauto, we are grateful to say, it was one of learning and growing, and helping businesses tackle new problems. This year, we have every plan to keep doing just that, and keep getting even better.
If you think your workshop could benefit from innovation and cutting-edge software in 2021 and beyond, let us know at or by signing up for a free trial on our website today!

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