Bosch Car Service, the leading Trumpauto partner in workshop innovation

Robert Bosch, better known simply as Bosch, is one of the most recognisable engineering and technology firms in the world, providing high-tech apparatus for large corporations, as well as home and construction appliances for the wider public for more than a century. Today, we want to talk about Bosch Car Service—one of the largest and fastest growing independent workshop chains worldwide. Since 2019, Trumpauto and Bosch Car Service have been close partners in the Baltics, providing clients with the highest quality of service through state-of-the-art software solutions.

Bosch Car Service offers maintenance and repair to all vehicle brands in more than 150 countries, at 13 400 workshops around the world. In the Baltics, some 50 shops service clients from routine inspections to large-scale remodelling after accidents.
Many of these shops make use of both the Bosch “Connected Repair” solution that connects all repair equipment in the workshop and provides a simplified identification process of vehicles, and Trumpauto software that gives the workshops better control over their operations and workflow, and helps enhance the customer experience through modern, easy to use interfaces and online solutions.

Trumpauto and Bosch share the vision of a connected and smart workshop, using the best technologies from Bosch and Trumpauto mutually. Both companies put an emphasis on innovation and simplifying the process of automotive maintenance and repair. We provide Bosch Car Service workshops with highest quality modern cloud systems, so that they can provide their clients with the best service. With our software, the Bosch workshops can manage daily appointments and affairs with ease, and always stay on top of long-term concerns, supply chains and employee availabilities and progress.

If reading this made you want to join the numerous Bosch and other workshops that benefit every day from the best cloud-ware and innovation provided by Trumpauto, let us know at or by signing up for a free trial on our website today!

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