The All-Inclusive Treatment from Stal Ltd

Today we want to tell you about another one of our outstanding clients, this time STAL Ltd from South Estonia. Stal offers various car repair services to passenger vehicles and vans, from tyre changes to electric works. Additionally, Stal carries out glass and minor body works. The high quality of work that Stal provides to their clients has quickly grown the company into a renowned name in the South of the country.

This year, the company plans to expand their space to include a fully functioning workshop specifically for heavy machinery repair and maintenance services. For that, a 300m2 working hall will be built. The long term vision of Stal is to develop their company enough to be able to provide all types of repair and maintenance services, including projects and reconstruction works, from one place as a bundle service. This type of service is especially important to Stal’s clients because of their distance from the larger cities—an all-inclusive service helps avoid having to travel long distances for different issues and saves time and money.

Therefore, Stal is different from most workshops thanks to their large scale and vision to provide everything to do with car repairs from one place. For example, in their region right now, Stal is the only provider of glass works to vehicles. Of course, the main priority in all that is to keep the quality of work at the highest possible level and continuously bring in more services. Honest, dedicated effort is what helps the Stal team to keep their customers happy and coming back.

Stal began to use Trumpauto thanks to our existing partnership with BOSCH Car Services, whose agent recommended our software to the team. At the moment, our software is used to keep track of supplies and plan works. In the future, the software will be even more integrated into the daily operations of Stal. To achieve this, both the Stal team and us at Trumpauto are working day to day so that the software can become better and meet the team’s exact needs, and so that the workers at Stal can get accustomed with the systems and make the most use of them. Overall, we see our clients as our best partners in helping us to keep building and developing our software to satisfy all specific workshop needs.

If you believe that your workshop, too, could join the growing network of Baltic car repair companies, who not only use but help create a repair-shop specific software, sign up for a free trial on our website today!

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