The All-Inclusive Treatment from Stal Ltd

Today we want to tell you about another one of our outstanding clients, this time STAL Ltd from South Estonia. Stal offers various car repair services to passenger vehicles and vans, from tyre changes to electric works. Additionally, Stal carries out glass and minor body works. The high quality of work that Stal provides to […]

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The Transportation Administration and Trumpauto: keeping everything under control

A few weeks back we wrote about our collaboration with the Estonian Transportation Administration (ETA) and how it allows all workshops to access information about their clients’ vehicles’ upcoming inspection needs quickly and easily. Today, we want to introduce ETA a bit more closely and see why cooperation between a software firm and a government […]

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Estonia – the promised land of start-ups

The past decade has seen Estonia skyrocket onto the international entrepreneurial scene with a number of successful and fascinating start-ups. As of 2020, the governmental association Startup Estonia lists over 1100 registered start-up companies in the country. Among them, one can find acclaimed tech firms such as Bolt, Transferwise, and Pipedrive, but also numerous smaller […]

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