Estonia – the promised land of start-ups

The past decade has seen Estonia skyrocket onto the international entrepreneurial scene with a number of successful and fascinating start-ups. As of 2020, the governmental association Startup Estonia lists over 1100 registered start-up companies in the country. Among them, one can find acclaimed tech firms such as Bolt, Transferwise, and Pipedrive, but also numerous smaller players with compelling ideas – from e-service providers for farmers and teachers to state endorsed security and military innovators.

How, then, has it happened that such a small country seems to be producing so many fine entrepreneurs? The answer lies in two factors: education and legislation. 

The Estonian education system is among the finest in the world, and emphasises entrepreneurial thinking and the benefits of technological literacy to kids from a young age. At the same time, state legislation to start and run a company is straightforward and simple, encouraging everyone with a great idea to try it out in the real world, while in many other countries, a lack of funding or perplexing bureaucracy may hold people back.

All this has helped Estonia become the country with the highest number of “unicorns” – companies valued at above $1 billion – per capita. At just 1.3 million people, we have 5 of them – Bolt, Transferwise, Skype, Playtech, and just recently, Pipedrive. These companies, with their diverse products and industries, serve as examples of the possibilities Estonia provides for business.
However, while the Startup Estonia database lists 60 companies operating in the Transportation & Logistics sector, only one of them works for the car workshop industry. This company, of course, is Trumpauto.

Our service exists to help car workshops reap the many benefits of a country that has built itself around enterprise. Rooted in the business-minded, innovative, and ambitious ethos of Estonian start-up culture, our software is the only one of its kind in the region. Trumpauto was built by Estonians with years of experience in the start-up world and we firmly believe in the principles that define it – strong work ethic, emphasis on efficiency, finding and providing solutions.

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