The Transportation Administration and Trumpauto: keeping everything under control

A few weeks back we wrote about our collaboration with the Estonian Transportation Administration (ETA) and how it allows all workshops to access information about their clients’ vehicles’ upcoming inspection needs quickly and easily. Today, we want to introduce ETA a bit more closely and see why cooperation between a software firm and a government agency is beneficial to everyone.

ETA was created on 1 January 2021 by the combining of the previously existing Aviation, Highways, and Waterways agencies, to create a single central body to ensure and develop a safer, more comfortable and modern transport environment. The agency’s aim is to provide the best movement and traffic conditions possible within all types of transportation. Additionally, ETA works to create new and innovative mobility solutions, carry out transport-related politics and projects, and secure smarter use of land, water, and airspace, helping create a healthier and safer traffic environment. The three agencies were brought together with the future in mind, as different modes of transport become more and more integrated and vehicles become more diverse – for example, in just a few years electric scooters have appeared and become the norm in urban settings.

For repair shops, ETA serves as a registry, whose online services provide crucial information about a vehicles’ legal data and condition. One of ETA’s main roles is to make sure this information is easily accessible, so people can make educated choices also when buying a car. The agency notifies the public about product recalls and also ensures that at the end of a vehicle’s life, it is disposed of in the safest and most environmentally conscious way possible. Recently, ETA joined the EUCARIS Mileage service, through which the mileage information of all vehicles from the countries that have joined the service can be easily accessed and saved into the government’s registries. Starting from next year, ETA will also begin to collect and store information about vehicles’ recall and repair implementation. This data will be available through background checks and will significantly ease the work of repair shops, too.

Trumpauto uses ETA’s registries through the data exchange platform (DEP) service. The service allows us to access the information automatically, so that repair shops, service providers, and others don’t need to input anything manually. This reduces one-time queries, saving time for all concerned parties.
Read more from our earlier blog post about how Trumpauto uses the DEP service and how we help invite clients to inspections!

The direct connection between our system and the ETA registries therefore helps increase transportation safety and aids both car owners and workshops in doing the same. Everyone who moves about in traffic can contribute to safety by following regulations, behaving responsibly with others, and setting a good example. Workshops in turn can provide the best service during repair and upkeep works and bring out any flaws or potential danger signs they may find to their customers. We at Trumpauto see ourselves as the intermediary in this relationship, who helps the workshops with accessing crucial information, and also enhances client communications, so that inadequate data or miscommunications cannot threaten anyone on the streets.

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