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Technical inspections are something that all car owners deal with regularly. Their importance is pretty obvious—a technically unsound car can be incredibly dangerous. Yet, getting your car inspected is often an arduous, annoying operation. It’s easy to forget the approaching due date and actually getting to the workshop can mess with your daily routine. Thankfully, with Trumpauto software, workshops can get information straight from the Transportation Administration and keep an eye on their clients’ inspection needs, making everyone’s lives easier in the process.

Trumpauto software is connected with the Transportation Administration databases, so together with information about the car, the workshop can automatically know when the vehicle’s next inspection is due. Thanks to this, it’s easier to notify the car owner and even offer some times that might be suitable for the appointment. This allows the workshop to act as a filter and directly improve road safety by helping remove potentially dangerous cars from the streets. Besides that, having the workshop remind its clients is the most convenient option for the latter—and a happy customer will keep coming back to the same workshop for inspections and other works.

The workshop, too, benefits from knowing exactly when whose inspection is expiring. Firstly, that way scheduling the works can be done more effectively, according to times that best suit both the mechanics and the clients, avoiding both long waiting times and overworking. Secondly, situations where the client only makes it to the inspection once the previous one has expired can be averted, lessening the threat on the driver and other road users—indeed, even if the car is fine, the threat of a fine is still there!

Technical inspections are done more or less similarly around the world and it’s not hard to understand why. Still, like with many other things, Estonia can boast a rather quick and innovative system, which is another big win for both workshops and clients. Unlike most countries, where a vehicle’s documentation must always be physically available with the car, in Estonia all you need is the license plate and international VIN code. Everything else can be found in databases with these numbers. In fact, if the driver has their national identity card with them, they don’t even need their license physically—the police can check their right to drive with just that. Just as easily, a workshop can check everything they need to know about a car.

And Trumpauto makes it even more easy, collecting all the important information directly into the online system of the workshop. If you believe your shop could benefit from a simplified, seamless process to running inspections, let us know at or by signing up for a free trial right here on our website today!

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