The Crazy 2020 and the Hopeful 2021 – a Startup View

Last week we talked about the past and new year for Trumpauto – a period of rapid change, but also growth. Today, we want to discuss what happened in the startup world more generally in this eventful, compelling year and what might be in store for the current one.

As the world was forced into a series of lockdowns and people found themselves spending day after day in their homes, everything simply had to become more digital. Unsurprisingly, some of the most successful startups of the year were companies like Zoom and Slack, whose usage grew exponentially as people began their workdays from home and needed new, efficient ways to communicate long-distance. In Estonia, too, the startups who offer digital solutions, like Pipedrive and Veriff, made the most of the new conditions, with the former becoming Estonia’s fifth unicorn.

Innovative digital solutions have always been the focal point of Trumpauto. In the automotive industry, many aspects of work are harder to digitize and innovation can be slower to come along than in sectors like finance, communications, or customer service. Thankfully, the passing year brought out the potential for digitization in car repairs, too, and made clear that the way of the future is simplified processes, “contactless” work, and straightforward online communications. In 2021, the startups to look out for are ones that offer just such possibilities, both to other businesses and individual customers. As more aspects of our daily lives hopefully return to what we used to call normal, companies that can make the most of the lessons of 2020 will be the ones to make headlines.

Another big keyword in 2021 will definitely be green, as solutions to the ongoing climate crisis become more urgently needed and ways in which everyone can contribute more popular. At Trumpauto, we have always prioritized building software that minimizes the environmental impact of car repairs without compromising the work quality. We are always searching for new ways to innovate the industry in the most sustainable manner and believe that this year will be one of great developments and progress towards a better environmental future.

2021 will have to be a year of further change and innovation to carry the world through the hardships of 2020 and startups will play a big role in achieving that. Trumpauto has every plan to stay on the heels of giants and play our role in creating solutions to problems we might not even have yet. If your workshop would like to become a part of this journey, let us know at or by signing up for a free trial on our website today!

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