Sleep—the Most Underrated Superhero

Sleep tends to be one of those things we all know is really important, but still take for granted, stealing time for everything else at its expense. Whether it’s working late into the night, waking up early to beat the morning rush hour or simply your mind running amok just as you’ve finally found a comfortable position between the cushions, everyone has experience with more or less willingly losing out on sleep. But what does a good night’s sleep have to do with running a successful workshop?

In short, the answer is simply that a good night’s sleep is directly linked with a good life, both working and personal. Poor sleep is linked with manifold health issues, such as obesity and overeating, greater risk of heart disease and stroke, type II diabetes, depression, and dysfunctions of the immune system. Indeed, there is a reason why people can go much longer without food than without sleep—just a few days of no sleep can lead to permanent brain damage. This scenario is, of course, an extreme. Most people sleep every night, but even then, many don’t sleep enough or well enough.

Scientists agree that adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep every night, but up to 35% of people get less than that regularly. Mild sleep deprivation, the kind that most of us are familiar with, still impacts our ability to think, socialize, and work every day. Thinking you’re too busy to sleep will probably only make you busier, as performing otherwise simple tasks becomes harder and harder and work never seems to get done. Even if it means possibly leaving a few extra tasks into the following day, putting effort into quality sleep will probably be worth it in the end.

The relationship between technology and sleep is not the most straightforward one. On the one hand, scrolling through social media or spending hours in front of the computer at night can significantly reduce the quality and amount of sleep you get, but at the same time, numerous technological solutions can also offer benefits to battle sleep problems. Dedicated apps with meditation and breathing exercises to do before bed, or calming music and sleep stories that turn off on their own after a while are the obvious examples. Yet, while those might not be for everyone, software that helps make your daytime less stressful and saves time during work hours can be a secret weapon to getting better sleep.

For a workshop manager, Trumpauto software can save hours in the evening otherwise spent planning rotas, dealing with billings, and going over operational problems. The time saved by letting computer systems work their magic can be used to focus on yourself and loved ones at the end of the day, and add those crucial extra hours of sleep to the night. That way, every morning can start with fresh energy and motivation, leading to better performance and more success for everyone.

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