Taking the Repairs Industry to the Future

The automobile maintenance industry needs innovation, and needs it fast. Whether looking at production, retail, or repairs, the industry has to enter the 21st century if it is to keep the attention of investors and the public. More than ever before, tech companies play a crucial role in bringing about this change and ensuring the industry’s sustainability and modernization. At Trumpauto, we have made this cause our mission, and today, we want to talk about the importance of cloud-based software in the automotive industry and announce some exciting funding news from home and afar.

The Trumpauto software has been designed to meet the specific requirements of companies within the automotive industry, working within car repairs and maintenance. Our software creates a seamless network for workshops that includes all operational, logistical, and communications processes in one system, to ease daily activities and allow businesses to focus on providing the best service possible. Furthermore, our cloud-nativity allows this system to be accessed from anywhere in the world at the click of a button, to ensure that everyone from an international chain to a local shop can stay on top of their work, in touch with their clients, and in line with the times.

This type of product is not only valuable to its everyday users, but is clearly highly esteemed by huge investment companies from around the world, who understand the importance of bringing innovation to our traditionally conservative industry. Proving that is the news from American tech giant Tekion, the cloud-native automotive retail platform founded by former Tesla CIO Jay Vijayan, who have just secured another round of funding, bringing their appraisal to a whopping $3.5 billion. We have written about Tekion before, because their success serves as proof of the necessity of positive disruption within the automotive industry. Although Tekion is focused on creating a state of the art platform for automotive sales, their concept is not dissimilar to ours at Trumpauto—an innovative online system for companies working with cars.

Indeed, we are very happy to announce today that Trumpauto is starting its own funding round in October, which will allow us to begin a new chapter in creating the best user experience for car repairs workshops in Estonia and the Baltics, and force the industry out of its anachronistic habits.

Our clients, including Bosch Car Services and Shell branded workshops, can look forward to an even better-integrated system between all of their operational branches and day-to-day activities within the Trumpauto software.
If effort- and paperless procedures, billings, and customer service operations are something you feel your workshop could benefit from, too, sign up for a free live demo of our software on the website today, and enjoy the advantages of a truly modern workshop system, supported by international automotive giants and investors alike!

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