Spearheading the Automotive Industry through the Cloud(s)

American technology company Tekion, founded in 2016 by former Tesla CIO Jay Vijayan, has been making headlines this year with their innovative cloud solutions to age old problems of the automotive industry. Tekion have created the first American cloud-native retail operating platform with an emphasis on connecting the three key stakeholders of the automotive industry – consumers, dealer/retail operators, and the original equipment manufacturers – into an ordered system.

Before starting his own company, Jay Vijayan led the team building the digital and information systems as well as software platform for Tesla, which allowed the customers and dealerships a never-before-seen degree of seamless interaction between different aspects of buying and servicing a car. During that time, it became evident that in the wider and often more traditionally minded industry, there was a dire need for a platform that could eliminate fragmentation, bring in the best consumer experiences, and enable greater operational efficiencies and profitability to consumers, dealers, and manufacturers.

“Today’s consumers receive outstanding personalized retail experiences from companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Disney. Why shouldn’t they expect the same in their vehicle acquisition and service needs?” Vijayan said in a recent interview about the thought process behind his company. Applying the best available technologies has allowed Tekion to rise to unicorn status in just four years, and secured its role on the American market as a trailblazer in cloud-native platforms. Today, the software is used in more than half of the 50 US states, by leading global automotive brands such as General Motors and BMW among others.

While Tekion’s rise is an extraordinary story, they are not the only up and coming start-up with a plan to thoroughly disrupt the automotive industry through cloud-native, adaptable software.
In many ways, the Trumpauto SaaS system works along the same lines, only with an emphasis on the specific needs and requirements of the non-American markets, which are very different for the US in many ways. Still, our software has been built with the same principles in mind – to allow for smoother, more user friendly interactions between workshops and their customers, and give workshops better control over their internal operations and workflow. Most cars in the world today are older than five years and no longer serviced in dealerships – our focus is on workshops dedicated to just such cars and their owners.

Just as Tekion was created in the tech-capital of the Americas, Silicon Valley, Trumpauto hails from the European start-up hub of Estonia, guaranteeing that our software is more than capable of delivering a frictionless user experience to all parties involved in the processes of an automobile workshop. Our goal is the same as Tekion’s – to bring the automotive industry to the 21st century with simple, modern cloud technology.
If you believe your workshop could benefit from such change, let us know at info@trumpauto.eu or sign up for a free trial on our website!

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