Estonia – the promised land of start-ups

The past decade has seen Estonia skyrocket onto the international entrepreneurial scene with a number of successful and fascinating start-ups. As of 2020, the governmental association Startup Estonia lists over 1100 registered start-up companies in the country. Among them, one can find acclaimed tech firms such as Bolt, Transferwise, and Pipedrive, but also numerous smaller […]

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The Advantages of SaaS Integration to Automobile Workshops

The concept of SaaS – software-as-a-service – has gained a lot of traction in the business world in recent years. When put to use correctly, especially in a small to midsize business, SaaS technologies can significantly reduce operational costs, while maximising both productivity and revenue. Despite this, many businesses have refrained from implementing the innovative […]

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How to make sure your workshop can brave the second wave

Autumn is here and alongside chilly nights and falling leaves, the Covid-19 virus has been making a steady comeback. Because of this, we thought it suitable to explain which Trumpauto solutions can help overcome the problems your workshop might be facing due to the pandemic. First of all, Trumpauto software is fully web-based and can […]

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