Looking back to what happened in car repairs industry during COVID-19 crises

Trumpauto interviewed 5 of its clients as well as a representative of 1 large European spare parts manufacturer on the influence of the crisis to them and this is what we found out:
  • At first (in March – April 2020) there was a general “panic” feeling around and client bookings dropped significantly
  • Production at spare parts manufacturing was frozen due to isolation rules and therefore there was very high deficit of some spare parts
  • Starting from May there was a strong rise in demand – people stared fixing their cars again
  • The summer was unusually active in repair workshops
What did we make from this: 
  • After the first “wave” of COVID-19 in our region people realised that they have to return to (semi-)normal way of life so they started to move around again – that means using their cars again and also the related maintenance work
  • There was a moment of fear in over the general situation of the economy so sales of new cars dropped and repairs of used cars rose – more work for Trumpauto clients
  • The cancellation of many flights and limitation to long distance travel combined with summer holiday season created an unusually active period in road transportation – therefore more repairs, more maintenance and more sales of spare parts
This creates an interesting perspective of how general economic uncertainty and distress can create a rise in some sectors and how Trumpauto was experiencing those effects first hand.

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