ERP software – saving time and boosting success

Last week, we talked about CRM, the secret ingredient to increasing revenue. But to run a really great workshop, you don’t just need lots of customers – you also need a thriving workforce, who come in every day knowing their work is part of an effective system which benefits both the clients and themselves. Thankfully, alongside the CRM software to help manage external business information, there exists another system to stay on top of internal operations and ensure the best quality of work and service – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

ERP software consists of systems and databases used to manage everything that goes on within the business – supply chains, manufacturing, financial mechanisms, services, and more. Thanks to the dedicated software, many processes can be automated and simplified, saving the time of managers and workers alike, allowing them to concentrate more on their main tasks, enhancing the quality of work and employee satisfaction. An ERP system brings together every aspect of a business and allows better control over the company’s financial health, processes, as well as more accurate predictions, planning, and budgeting.

What does this mean for labour efficiency and employee well-being? ERP systems allow a business to move away from tens of different spreadsheets, documents, tables, and not to mention pen-and-paper solutions. This saves the time of employees who would otherwise have to constantly be transferring important information from one database to another, one page to another – a process which takes time, and can also leave dangerous room for human errors. An automated, integrated ERP software allows both managers and workers to have access to necessary information concisely and from a single source, leaving more time for effective communications and providing a better service to the clients.

Dedicated ERP software is especially useful for smaller to midsize companies, as it gives the owner and managers a better insight into the health of the business, improving decision making accuracy and reducing risks. It also makes scaling up simpler for the business and its staff – as the business grows, so does its infrastructure, and with a solid software bringing it all together, it is much more easy to integrate new branches, operations, and employees into the business.

Trumpauto combined ERP and CRM software brings together all of the internal and external data necessary for running a successful workshop. With an integrated system and database, your workshop can benefit from reduced costs, happier customers, and a more prosperous staff. One very concrete example is automatic importation of purchase invoices – the workshop spare parts manager will save 5-15 minutes on each invoice – multiply this by the total number of daily PI-s, and you can see the difference for yourself!
If you think your workshop could benefit from all this, let us know at [email protected] or by signing up for a free trial on our website!

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