Shell and Trumpauto – the two innovators of the car repairs industry 

Last week, we wrote about the collaboration deal signed between Trumpauto and the Baltic Shell distributor Jungent. Today, we want to talk some more about Shell, how they became the number one oil company in the world, and why Trumpauto services perfectly compliment their work.

Royal Dutch Shell was started in 1907 by the fusion of two oil and trading companies from the Netherlands and the UK. Today, Shell operates in many areas from energy production through gas and oil extraction to motor oil and lubricants production for the Shell Helix brand.

Shell has been the number one automobile lubricant supplier worldwide for 13 years, producing innovative oils for use in even the most extreme environments. They are the first company to create base oil from pure natural gas, which is more versatile thanks to its ability to maintain its properties in a wide range of temperatures, and also less damaging to both the car motor and the environment. 

As an innovation leader in the field for over 75 years, the company is committed to take responsibility for the environmental impact of energy production and has been working with communities across the world to encourage environmental consciousness – last year, Shell and their partners started a project which will see millions of trees planted in countries around Europe. 

Perhaps even more importantly, simply by using Shell Helix lubricants, the regular consumer can lower their car’s CO2 production by 69kg, meaning a 3% drop in petrol use.

This emphasis on innovation and new technologies is what ties Shell with Trumpauto, too. Our mission at Trumpauto is to bring effectiveness to the daily operations of car workshops and through that, save the time of workers and clients alike. By digitizing systems and processes, we are also helping with the environmental impact of running a car workshop, as less physical documents and proceedings are required. 

With Trumpauto software in use at Shell Helix workshops around the Baltics, a new era of innovation and environmental effectiveness has begun in the car repairs industry.

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