How to make sure your workshop can brave the second wave

Autumn is here and alongside chilly nights and falling leaves, the Covid-19 virus has been making a steady comeback. Because of this, we thought it suitable to explain which Trumpauto solutions can help overcome the problems your workshop might be facing due to the pandemic.

First of all, Trumpauto software is fully web-based and can therefore be used practically anywhere with a computer and internet connection. This makes it possible to operate everything administrative from a distance, without the client even realising where you are – be it in self-isolation, in a lockdown, or perhaps on the beach on holiday.

Secondly, Trumpauto has an integrated SMS and email notifications function, which can be used to contact clients without face-to-face interactions. SMS-marketing, which is regularly used to enhance sales via notifications, can easily be applied for sending out operational information to clients on a large scale – for example, changes in working hours, sales and discounts, and special services can all be communicated via SMS at times when closer interaction might be dangerous. The “Notifications” functionality can be activated by emailing us at or calling +372 663 1717. 

Finally, our software can significantly simplify work planning during difficult times. A few months ago, we added a vacation and absences function into our calendar. This means that if a worker falls ill or is forced to stay at home for any reason, you can quickly change their availability, so that they cannot be planned or booked for jobs.


(How is your workshop coping with the health crisis? What other software services could be useful to help workshops stay up and running through the pandemic? We are always looking for ways to better our service and ensure we can fulfill all your workshops’ web needs. Let us know in the comment section, or contact us at for any extra information.)

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