Spreading knowledge through the power of technology

The benefits of technology to education are something pretty obvious. New and innovative ways to teach children, teens, and adults by using software and online solutions can help make information more easily accessible and understandable for everyone. Today, we want to talk about some of the ways technology companies work with education providers to create a more meaningful environment of knowledge and learning.

The 21st century has seen a rapid spread of computer hardware and software around the world, and this new cyber environment has brought along many opportunities to reform the way we humans make sense of the world we live in. Education plays an essential role in this process, and in recent years, it’s the technological and info-technological solutions that have increasingly begun to develop the field.

Big-name tech companies such as IBM and Microsoft have created dedicated programs which partner with schools, non-governmental organisations, and local leaders around the globe. They offer better education and new opportunities to young learners, who might otherwise not have access to the knowledge base essential for success in the quickly developing and changing modern world. According to Microsoft, since the 2012 launch of their YouthSpark Program, it has helped 227 million young people already.

Besides children, technological advancements can have a momentous impact on the quality of higher education. Even in more traditional studies, access to research software and online resources can enhance the learning experience – especially right now, when most schools and universities operate from a distance and most of the learning has to happen online. Even more-so, introducing innovative technologies to students of engineering, information technology and the like early on in their studies helps to make the educational process more practical and equips the students with the necessary experience they will need in the job market.

That is why Trumpauto, too, works together with the Industrial Education Centres of four Estonian cities – Tallinn, Tartu, Rakvere, and Viljandi. We offer the schools free access to our software, so that the students studying mechanics and engineering can experience the professional environment sooner, and gain a better understanding of the coexistence of software and mechanical work.
Of course, having young people learn the benefits of innovation and cloudware early on in their careers benefits us, too, as it helps build a new generation of people in the automobile industry who understand that effective use of technology benefits everyone in our sector – from the end customer to the workshop owner.

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