Plan your large repair and maintenance project ahead with Trumpauto

Trumpauto Smart Workshop Software is a cloud based ERP & CRM solution for vehicle maintenance and repair workshops. 2/3 of Trumpauto’s clients are servicing consumer vehicles but 1/3 are providing services for commercial vehicles. But not only trucks – also forestry machinery, agricultural and boat workshops are among those using Trumpauto.

If your workshops daily business is to conduct larger and more expensive projects you have a good understanding why planning enterprise resources and workflow is of high importance.

Why is it so important?

In short, the biggest difference between servicing consumer vehicles and commercial vehicles is that every hour a commercial vehicle, like a forest harvester, lorry or work boat is ‘grounded’ is a direct cost to the clients. The plain fact that the vehicle is not operating, does now waive one from leasing, insurance costs and even from operators/drivers salary.

Trumpauto has developed a solution for heavy duty services that enables:

  • Planning of repairs and services in future to most suitable times
  • Planning and booking resources for the task – mechanics, tools, parts
  • Create work sheets for the project by adding relevant work and spare parts
  • Manage the stock for the current and future projects
  • Booking of ’emergency’ or planned maintenance by vehicle operators directly into Workshop Management Software

Depending on type and size of the workshop, Trumpauto offers yet a number of additional benefits. Once software is set and calibrated you will be able to get precise planning of works but also full history of work done.

To help you maximize the efficiency and profitability of your commercial vehicle repair and maintenance workshop, Trumpauto offers a 50% setup and training services in addition to the 2-week free trial period.

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Those heavy machinery and boating industry players already use Trumpauto and recommend it – Meelis Lippe – Karo Trans, Via Express, JMK Marine ja Iriscorp Transport.

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