Sleep—the Most Underrated Superhero

Sleep tends to be one of those things we all know is really important, but still take for granted, stealing time for everything else at its expense. Whether it’s working late into the night, waking up early to beat the morning rush hour or simply your mind running amok just as you’ve finally found a […]

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The Many Faces of Client Communications

It’s no secret that customer satisfaction is one of the pillars of building a successful business. Without clients, a company simply cannot work, and if those clients aren’t happy, they will stop coming back soon enough. That is why interactions between a business and their clientele must be convenient, pleasant, and most importantly, informative but […]

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Spearheading the Automotive Industry through the Cloud(s)

American technology company Tekion, founded in 2016 by former Tesla CIO Jay Vijayan, has been making headlines this year with their innovative cloud solutions to age old problems of the automotive industry. Tekion have created the first American cloud-native retail operating platform with an emphasis on connecting the three key stakeholders of the automotive industry […]

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ERP software – saving time and boosting success

Last week, we talked about CRM, the secret ingredient to increasing revenue. But to run a really great workshop, you don’t just need lots of customers – you also need a thriving workforce, who come in every day knowing their work is part of an effective system which benefits both the clients and themselves. Thankfully, […]

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