Trumpauto signs collaboration deal with Shell distributor Jungent Estonia

Last week, the SaaS-based start-up for repair workshops, Trumpauto, and the official Shell oils and lubricants distributor in the Baltics, Jungent Estonia, signed a collaboration agreement for the use of Trumpauto software in Shell Branded Workshops in the Baltic region.

Trumpauto offers cloud-based software for workshops, currently serving over 70 businesses in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Tajikistan. The software allows the process of running a workshop – operational planning, finances, stock, billings, bookings, and more – to be run centrally through one system, which can be further integrated with accounting services such as Merit and national car and business registers. Trumpauto can also be used by workshop end customers, the car owners, for service quotations and bookings. 

Sales and marketing company Jungent Estonia has been the official distributor of Shell in the Baltics since 2007, just as long as Shell has been the number one oils and lubricants brand in the world. Today, the company is developing a network of Shell Helix car service shops in the Baltic states – together with Trumpauto, they will raise the return and visibility of the shops, as well as enhancing customer loyalty through a high-quality service experience for the clients. 

“The direction for our company is to maximally digitize operations systems and purchase processes, thus raising the efficiency of workshops,” explained Trumpauto CEO Rando Pärna. “As Jungent is successfully developing the Shell Helix shops concept in the Baltics right now, it became clear our companies would work well together,” he added on how the deal was reached. Shell Estonia marketing manager Camilla Themas commented from their perspective, “Trumpauto software will help us offer car services added value, which can simplify and optimize their daily work processes and improve customer service quality.” 

The collaboration will mainly entail Trumpauto offering specifically adapted software for Shell Helix workshops, while Jungent endorses Trumpauto among their clientele, spreading the word on the software’s advantages and possibilities. 

“The deal is currently termless and in our mind’s eye we see that if successful, it could grow not just temporally, but geographically. In the future we are planning to escalate the cooperation further, but currently, these details remain shrouded,” concluded Pärna. According to current prognoses, the software could reach 150-200 workshops in the first few years, providing greater convenience to communications between car owners and workshops. 

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