Trumpauto: your forward-looking assistant

Most workshops use accounting software to organise daily operations, and while it can be very useful in the right setting, it simply cannot satisfy all the needs of a workshop for one simple reason—accounting software is focused on past transactions. Trumpauto software, on the other hand, has been developed specifically for workshops’ needs and combines both past and future affairs to provide a full view of what is going on in your workshop, and helps create long-term strategies better than any other system.

Think of this way: the accounting software may be a nice, hard-working bookkeeper, but Trumpauto is an enthusiastic, powerful secretary who sees everything and keeps everything under control–or indeed a team of assistants like that. While accounting software demonstrates history, or in other words is retrospective, Trumpauto is a prospective system, which has been created to optimise the future of a workshop. Although knowledge of previous transactions and client info is important, focusing solely on existing materials isn’t going to help with planning future resources or upselling.

The big Trumpauto advantage is that our software works great with accounting software, to create a system that has all of the aforementioned historical data, but adds the possibility of planning future operations—from short-term plans such as employee scheduling, and going all the way to long-term strategic views for expansion and growing the client base. Additionally, our system makes it easier to communicate with clients for any reason, be it marketing, upselling, or specific problems that may arise during specific works.

Trumpauto software allows you complete control over your workshops’ activity, without forcing you to source information from ten different places and ten different people, and what’s most important, it helps you always see what tomorrow will look like, rather than what happened yesterday.
If a system like that sounds good, check out more specific information about our SMS Marketing module here and grab a free 14 day trial of Trumpauto here, to try out the efficiency of Offers management at your workshop, too!

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