Tracking payments and dealing with debtors also a problem in your workshop?

Is tracking payments and dealing with debtors also a problem in your workshop?

As a rule, it is pleasant to receive money, but for the purpose of this transaction, the service provider is obliged to submit an invoice. In many repair shops, this means that the craftsman must manually enter the products and services into a form and create an invoice from it. In some cases, this is also done in accounting software. However, the latter is not a workshop management tool – it does not create worksheets, keep a calendar or store vehicle and customer history.


So what to do with invoices and payments?

It is worth using a genuine workshop management software – Trumpauto Smart Workshop Software.

In Trumpauto software, after the offer is accepted by the customer and the work is already underway, creating an invoice from the worksheet and sending it to the customer takes at most a few minutes. What’s especially good – the history is automatically saved, and the invoice is also automatically sent to the accounting software Merit Aktiva. Comfortable!

In addition, it is also possible to use the Montonio service within Trumpauto – you can send an invoice to the customer with a bank link, and the latter can conveniently pay in seconds. “Payment received” will immediately be marked in Trumpauto.


Sometimes, however, it happens so the client has suddenly run out of money – remains in debt. What is a good course of action in that case?

Well, there is not much to do there – you can wait, bargain, pressure, sue or forgive. But what to do with such a client in the future? How to protect yourself?

It is important to put down a note that the customer has failed to pay, and if the same customer, vehicle or company should come to the workshop again to order work or get repairs, it is very useful if the software itself signals the debt. That’s exactly how it is in the Trumpauto. Comfortable!

Convenience is the driving force! A little lazy people are the ones who think about how to get more done and earn more with less effort.

That’s why we’ve made it convenient to onboard Trumpauto software – just fill out the form here and an account will be opened for you. Our representative will contact you, help you understand basics, and our consultant will help make your team comfortable using Trumpauto.

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