Pictures, videos, data – the Trumpauto information bank

These days, uploading all kinds of pictures and videos to the internet has become the easiest thing to do, yet this has not been the case in the world of car repairs, where visual aids could be incredibly useful to understand the condition of a vehicle and the work it needs. Finally, this possibility exists with the Trumpauto software—you can upload pictures of what has been done and archive them for future reference. That way, it can be much easier to keep a clear overview of each machine and liaise more efficiently with the customer.

Photos can be useful for a workshop both internally and in client communications. Firstly, pictures help the team understand what has been done with any vehicle and what still needs to be done, especially in a situation where one mechanic takes over from the previous worker or it is important to know which works have been done in the past. Secondly, visual materials can help build a bridge between the workshop and the car owner, who may not understand complex technical explanations. With a picture, what is needed and why it is needed can be made clear in an instant.

In the US, using photos and videos has become the norm for workshops’ client communications, and thanks to that the businesses that use such solutions have multiplied their revenue and customer satisfaction, because everyone can understand each other better. A database of a car’s history can be turned to whenever needed if problems arise. For example, if a client says their car was damaged during works or the problem they faced was never solved, pictures can help prove or disprove such claims. It’s not uncommon for mechanics to find that problems a car may have are quite unlike what the client had thought, and photos and videos can help explain that to someone who isn’t a professional in the field. That way the workshop can fix problems stress free, and the client can be sure they’re not being charged for anything unnecessary.

We are proud to say that our software is the first of its kind in Estonia that has been built specifically for vehicle workshops and that now supports the uploading of pictures, videos, and other types of files (such as .pdf or .doc files). With this update, we hope to make our clients’ experience even better, so that they can offer better service to their respective clients, and thus build an integrated system with all of the information about each vehicle. If you think your workshop, too, could benefit from this system, sign up for a free trial right here on our website today!

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