E-billing—Saving Your Time by a Thousandfold

Every official transaction comes with a bill, to prove it ever happened and store information for future reference. Yet in today’s digital world, having to manually compile and transcribe bills into computer systems can be incredibly time consuming and bothersome—which is why machine read e-bills have been created, which allow for different systems to read the bills quickly and effectively communicate their information between databases, saving everything to your computer without any typing from you.

When speaking of e-bills, the word “thousand-fold” is not even an exaggeration. An average purchase or sales invoice, containing about forty or so lines, can take up to an hour to type into a computer. With machine reading software, it’ll all be done in a few seconds, meaning the difference really is about a thousand times. Even better, e-billing is so convenient because most bills follow specific standards, meaning they are easy to share between various systems—because wouldn’t the only thing worse than having to write bills manually be having to do the same one many times?

In Estonia, a standardized format exists for all e-bills, which means all of them will be suitable and readable in all systems, no matter to whom or why you are sending it out—with just a click, they’ll have the necessary information. In Europe, the story is slightly more complicated, as various countries have different formats, as do large corporations, who use their own systems. Yet, even different e-bills are more quickly accessible than old-school physical ones, and the topic has been getting more and more attention from political decision makers in the past few years, too.

For a car repairs company, e-bills also mean an opportunity to save both time and money. For example, after a large order of spare parts or other equipment, your accountant will no longer need to spend hours inputting all of the data, but will have the numbers in seconds. That way, e-bills help avoid human error and notice any problems within a transaction more quickly.

Trumpauto software allows for quick and easy compiling and saving of e-bills, which fully meet the Estonian standard and which can be stored and shared from the system—this is possible with all of our account packages.
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