Reason and incentive for building Trumpauto and the outcome

Trumpauto was started as a simple sofware on the basis of an order from a workshop. During this creative process, we needed to communicate with different sides of repair and maintenance process and it quickly turned out that there is a need for a modern solution that would simplify the life of a workshop and the life of a client.

In order to understand how modern software development happens and which specific advantages come from Trumpauto some IT-talk has to be done.

First of all, software for a workshop is nothing new – different technologies have been previously used for this purpose – but as time passes since the creation of those programmes, the older the basic technology used for creating them gets. This leads to the difference between new and old.

One could ask, what is the difference, if the old technology works? Some ways this is true. But if the client wishes to integrate modern accounting software, spare parts’ measurers databases, Road Administration, Business Register, sales and marketing software to the old technology, then it becomes quickly apparent that this cannot be done.

This is the technology of the future, applications from different providers working in unison.