Booking is the service that helps Trumpauto improve communication between the client and the workshop – meaning that the owner of the vehicle can book the time on the webpage of the workshop or via Trumpauto platform during the times set by the foreman for choosing a simple service or diagnostics.

We know full well that neither the client or the foreman is adept in predicting whether a procedure will take more time, thus we encourage you to offer simple services via the booking solution, be it tire change, cleaning, basic maintenance or diagnostics.

Booking is important for managing time, every mechanic will set their own times, their own resource to be booked. Some valuable people will never be able to be booked, but some other after-service specialists need to always be available to the client.

The workshop chooses itself, what can be booked!

Below is a screenshot of what the module offered by Trumpauto looks like on your website, which allows your customers to make reservations. This module is included in each of our packages free of charge.