How to join Trumpauto

  1. Push on the button Try for free” on the upper side of the webpage”
  2. Fill out your own and the company’s data and push on the button Try for free””
  3. We will contact you and open a free trial account
  4. If the service is to your liking and you would like to become our paid user, then we will send you a pre-payment invoice before the conclusion of the trial period
  5. After the invoice is paid on time, your access to Trumpauto package is extended for the duration of the paid period
  6. 2 weeks before the conclusion of the paid period we will send you a new pre-paymnt invoice – after paying the invoice, your access to the service once again is extended

Why use a booking system, if pen-and-paper with phone works?

We could also ask – why go straight if we can go the longer way?

Trumpauto sales team has worked with more than one tire change, car wash and workshop who have preferred booking via phone and on the paper.

We will now answer to you:

Your clients are not interested in calling! They do not want to wait until you finish your ohter call. They do not wish to call the next and the next and even the next service provider after finding out that you do not have any open time slots. They do not wish to leave the meeting room for communicating with you during their working hours. Nobody wants to talk!

The main interest of every master, workshop manager and owner should be to make money from their main activity instead of making 35 phone calls a day, which accounts for 5 minutes per call being 175 minutes per day. This is more than 3 hours, this is money!

Time of the dinosaurs is over!