All in one place

Trumpauto software makes it easy to manage the workshop, saving the time of mechanics, after-service, sales department and the management personnel.

Most workshops and services still use many different solutions for managing work. Clients and vehicles are registered on Excel, Google Drive or even on paper. Times are slotted using calendars on computers, smart devices or paper.

In practice, it means that the manager of the workshop, personnel of the after-service, mechanics and other personnel have to switch between differet programmes and information sharing is thus slow - this in turn increases the likelihood of some information going missing.

Trumpauto solution

Trumpauto is a full solution for workshop and service, having all the following functionalities:

Client register & history
Vehicle register & history
Work register & history
Work calendar
Booking (client has the possibility to book a time on the calendar during the set times)
Storage module (with product categories)
Offers module
Statisctics & Accounting

Packages with more possibilities also offer the following services and integration solutions:

Integration with spare parts' dealers
Integration with accounting software (Merit)
Marketing package - Trumpauto marketing experts offer possibilities for increasing the visibility of your company among clients

Full history

Client registry, vehicle registry and work registry - these are the three pillars of full history.

Owners change cars, registration numbers and sometimes even names. Trumpauto has a three-pillar full history for ensuring that there would never be any confusion for the client about which works have been carried out on a vehicle and who would be the contact person in this matter.

Online booking

Booking is the service that helps Trumpauto improve communication between the client and the workshop - meaning that the owner of the vehicle can book the time on the webpage of the workshop or via Trumpauto platform during the times set by the foreman for choosing a simple service or diagnostics.

We know full well that neither the client or the foreman is adept in predicting whether a procedure will take more time, thus we encourage you to offer simple services via the booking solution, be it tire change, cleaning, basic maintenance or diagnostics.

Booking is important for managing time, every mechanic will set their own times, their own resource to be booked. Some valuable people will never be able to be booked, but some other after-service specialists need to always be available to the client.

The workshop chooses itself, what can be booked!

Installation and hosting


Trumpauto is a business cloud software - meaning that the service can be accessed via any computer, phone or tablet using internet. The data is stored in highly secure special server centers and the data is also doubled - Trumpauto guarantees that data does not appear or disappear on itself.


Every foreman has their strong sides and it is highly profitable to make good use of those skills and earn money. We understand that car repair master does not need to understand IT. This is why we help the foreman create their own account on Trumpauto, set up the necessary services and for the client to import old data into the new platform.

Trumpauto packages

Trumpauto SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) service is divided into three packages for the client.

Trumpauto BASIC is a management software designed for up to 5 users with the capability of using client, vehicle and work registers and calendar with the possibility to send invoices. Additonally, the client can book times.

Trumpauto PRO package is designed for a bigger than average workshop - in addition to client, vehicle and work registers and invoicing, the solution also offers the storage module and offers, statistics and accounting.

Trumpauto Pro+ is the software package that is designed for a bigger and more demanding client, in addition to vehicle, client and work registers, history and other modules, it is possible to integrate the platform with other software solutions. Pro+ package also offers personal solutions for analysing workshop efficiency and increasing sales.


Trumpauto team keeps an eye on the new trends of vehicle repair and maintenance. We are adding new integrations to different infosystems for making the life of a master and the workshop a little easier.

As Trumpauto is a SaaS system then for clients it means that the system updates constantly and you do not have to update it yourself, just like Facebook you may notice updates just appearing.

Trumpauto does not update only software itself, but also innovates the whole world of vehicle repair and maintenance.